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“A light heart lives long.”

 - William Shakespeare



One Month Coaching Package

For those just starting out - an introduction to spiritual truths and foundational skills in spiritual self-care. For those needing a particular boost - focused support that incorporates spiritual truths and self-care. 

5 one-hour sessions over four weeks - $600

Three Month Coaching Package



Two Month Coaching Package

Creating a personalized self-care plan followed by an implementation period. Introductory and more indepth spiritual information along with focused support in needed areas. 

9 one-hour sessions over eight weeks - $1,000

Creating a personalized self-care plan followed by an extended implementation period for added accountability. The most indepth spiritual information and focused support to help raise personal vibration.

13 one-hour sessions over 12 weeks - $1,600



Hello! My name is Katie, and I am a Spiritual Seeker.  Though I have always had a deep sense of being here for a reason, I'd say my spiritual unfoldment began in earnest in May of 2016 when I attended a channeling event at a local metaphysical shop. At this event, I was exposed to spiritual truths and energy that gave me a profound sense of remembrance and belonging. It was the same feeling of relief that is experienced when a precious lost thing you never expected to see again is suddenly found. As I continue to gain greater remembrance and alignment with spiritual truth and my divine self, that is the feeling that keeps coming back to me. It is a feeling I want to share with everyone and the reason why I am now offering spiritual life coaching. 


I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through the Quantum Matrix Center.  I also have a Bachelor of the Arts in English from a private Lutheran college and nine year's expertise as a housing counselor with specialities in foreclosure intervention and personal finance.  I have had the privilege of both national and international travel and significant personal study of self-improvement concepts. I draw from both my professional and personal backgrounds to provide meaningful, practical, and fun spiritual life coaching that helps my clients change their lives and move forward with a Light Heart.  

The presenters of the channeling event I attended in May 2016 and the Quantum Matrix Center are one in the same - Elliott Eli Jackson and Diane Jackson. To learn more about Elliott and Diane and the work they do with Soure/God, please visit their website.

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